Castillo Lawn Service, Inc. is a company dedicated to the proper control of Pests for your turf and Ornamentals. We handle all types and sizes of jobs and invite you to call us for a free turf and plants inspection. If during our inspection there is a confirmation of a specific problem requiring treatment, we will notify you as to nature and degree of the problem and the recommended treatment to solve it.

We do single treatments or we can continue monitoring your lawn and landscape and keep it green, free of insects, worms and fungus.

Contact us for a free estimate for any of the following services:

  • Lawn fertilizer
  • Lawn spray for fungus
  • Lawn spray for insects and worms
  • Lawn spray for weeds
  • Plants fertilizer
  • Plants spray for fungus
  • Plant spray for insects, worms, and scales
  • Palms spray for fungus
  • Palm fertilizer
  • Palm spray for insects and worms